Flexible Working Central




Digital platform
Video production

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The Jabra Flexible Working Central is a free online digital hub designed to allow Jabra partners to access and download all of the product resources needed to help them better position their products to customers looking for a flexible working solution. The idea was the user would get involved with the video quizzes each week to earn as many Jabra Flex Points as they could before being entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a brand new home office worth £1000!

Prism also worked alongside Jabra to develop a variation of digital marketing assets to help launch the portal. This included emails, a landing page banner and email signature all translated into three local languages: English, Danish and Swedish.

Prism was tasked with designing and building the entire platform which involved taking already existing videos and adding questions to the end, updating the portal every week with new videos and social posts which earned the user points when completed or shared, and the Prism team also designed and built a memory block game to sit within the portal itself in the ‘Chillout Zone’.

Each user could also, at any time, see their personal Jabra Flex Scale. This part of the site presented how many points the specific user had earned in each area of the site and how that made them rank from ‘Rookie to Superhero’.