Power Your Payments




Digital assets

We were tasked with crafting a bold, dynamic identity for the campaign, content development, report copywriting, video production and go-to-market asset support.

Power Your Payments is a flagship marketing campaign for Worldpay, offering insights to the market about how customers want to pay across 14 verticals ranging from travel to food delivery, gambling, education and fashion. The focal point of each vertical campaign is a comprehensive report that shines a light on the payment preferences of 33,000 consumers from 12 countries around the world.

Our team has been a fundamental part of the delivery and execution of Power Your Payments. Working closely with the dedicated and efficient Worldpay team, we developed a bold, vibrant and powerful creative look-and-feel unique in the Fintech industry.

To support this excellent creative, Prism’s team of account managers, content writers and designers hand-crafted each report, showcasing the data and insights provided by by data analysis company Opinium.

The reports are just the tip of the iceberg! Prism’s video production team developed an internal and external launch video (see below) that highlighted the significance of the campaign. The team also developed a series of promotional assets including digital and social content, paid media banners, and much more.