Frictionless Travel Payments Report

Our team are becoming more and more involved in helping organisations to create industry trend reports. We work in collaboration with a number of research agencies and PR agencies to create valuable content. The Frictionless Travel Payments report aims to provide travel retailers with clear insight and practical guidance they need to turn payment complexity into competitive advantage.

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Amadeus Frictionless
Travel Payments Report


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Amadeus Frictionless Travel Payments Report

Within the travel sector the importance of payments - and getting it right - for travel consumers is paramount. The report created covers key friction points that buyers experience when making a purchase, the impact of payment issues on their overall experience, five key payment challenges facing travel retailers and top tips to help them mitigate challenges, boost conversion and drive loyalty. The team at Prism created the report design and creative for all online digital assets helping to promote and communicate to the travel audience.

We first work with clients to work out the logic of the questions for the market research to be carried out then delve into enormous amounts of research data provided to identify key trends and valuable insights. This process is very complex before we even get to design which is where the creative element comes into play and then we really hit the ground running, taking all the key nuggets and making into a digital campaign. These campaigns have super longevity and tons of content can be used in many different ways to create supporting materials from social through to video, animation and infographics and more!!!

If you’re looking to put together research report for 2021 and beyond and new ways to display and communicate the content then speak to our team. We can manage part or all of the project management.

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