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The Amadeus Payments Academy is a tiered blended learning programme that takes place online and in a series of intimate classroom-based environments. We were approached with a request to build an online learning project consisting of a bespoke digital platform, videos and quizzes, as well as a range of supporting and promotional digital assets.

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Travel Payments Academy


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Taking a deep dive into the world of travel payments

The Amadeus Travel Payments Academy is a three-tiered learning programme designed to build relationships with travel professionals globally by providing educational content that explores the niches of travel payments. Covering a range of topics including PSPs, payment schemes, business models and industry regulators, the course starts with a free online programme before learners are invited to paid seminars with Amadeus experts. For Amadeus, the Academy acts as a way to share thought leadership and engage with professionals from a range of target and new accounts from global travel agencies and airlines.

The Prism team was tasked with designing and building the online section of the course, as well as filming in the Amadeus Madrid offices. This footage was then edited and produced by the team back in the UK before being loaded onto the platform.

Users are provided with a unique login, allowing them to learn on their time and continue whenever they want. Each section of the course consists of an educational video, transcript and course notes, before learners are put to the test via a short quiz. Once a user has passed all quizzes, they are automatically provided with a bespoke certificate and a link to allow them to share their success with their LinkedIn community.

Prism also worked alongside Amadeus to develop a digital marketing promotional strategy for the launch of the program. This included email, social media and content marketing in the form of blogs and interactive ebooks, including a section in the Amadeus Payments Unplugged Newsletter.

Within three months of launch, over 500 learners from the travel industry registered for the online section of the programme, providing Amadeus with a strong list of prospects and contacts to engage with. The academy continues to be a strong promotional tool and is expected to grow in 2021 and beyond.

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The Amadeus Travel Payments Academy has been a flying success! The online platform and video content developed by Prism Create has been very well received by our learners and continues to be a successful lead generation tool. We’re looking forward to growing the Academy in the future. Thanks Prism team!

Amadeus Payments Team

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