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Although we’ve historically not shouted about the cool things we do for events, now we’re going to! Over the last two years we’ve organically created an event division responsible for organising and managing events, as well as building, designing, writing and creating interactive digital content including product demos, videos, VR, gamification, presentations and filming, as well as offline content such as communication, print and merchandising.

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Event Management
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Anything you can think of!

What we can do for your business and how we support your team

We’ve worked with a range of teams across IT and Fintech to support them as they host or attend industry events. We’ve designed, built and manned stands for customers including Trend Micro and Sitecore. We’ve created interactive demos for Amadeus, developed some amazing giveaways for Jabra, and so much more.

For the last two years, we’ve been responsible for planning and executing the flagship events for the Amadeus Payments team – Future of Payments. These events attract airlines and travel agencies from around the world, and we’ve been there supporting the team from planning, to delivery, to on-site support, to followup. These events are always a ball to be involved with and we can’t wait for the 2020 event!

Prism has also developed a bespoke Mobile Companion App for events that allows delegates, speakers and organisers to communicate, plan their event, register for sessions, and even see the weather forecast! The app is becoming increasingly popular with our clients, including Cisco, Worldpay and Amadeus.

The results? They speak for themselves. We’ve gained so much more trust from our clients by being right behind them all the way. Our core strength is by being an extension of your team, taking the stress away and getting the job done. And when things don’t work out sometimes or the unthinkable happens, we’re always there with a solution. Together we work with great people that make all that difference. Ask us for a reference - we have many!

If you have an event, are lost for ideas for product launches or employee engagement, and need a team to get the job done - please try us out. Take the stress away and get in touch today!


Montage of various marketing events

Montage of various marketing events

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