PanaCast Partner Promotion Gamification

Jabra PanaCast is a wide-angled video conferencing device ideal for meeting rooms of all sizes. Prism was tasked with helping Jabra to promote this new product to their partner community through the use of a digital game and supporting assets to be distributed online and in partner offices across EMEA.

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Jabra PanaCast Partner Promotion Gamification


Online interactive digital quiz game and supporting promotional assets

Creating a bespoke online game and its supporting assets to build up brand awareness and promotion of the newly launching Jabra PanaCast to their partners.

Prism was tasked with creating an online game and supporting assets to help with the promotion of the new Jabra PanaCast video conferencing product - the world’s first intelligent 180o Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution - across Europe. Following initial kick off and scoping calls, the Prism team got to grips with the USPs of the product before wireframing, designing and building a digital quiz and supporting assets.

The game consisted of an informative yet engaging video followed by an interactive quiz and supporting product information. Players were incentivised to play by physical prizes, and scores were added to a dynamic leaderboard which was generated based on how long each user took to answer each question, as well as how many answers they correctly answered.

Prism also developed a range of physical assets designed to be used on spiff days, including posters in two sizes, vinyl floor stickers, mobile phone “pop sockets” and popcorn boxes. We also supported the promotion of the campaign by copywriting and designing a range of promotional emails, all of which were translated into multiple languages. We also email signatures and a web banner for the main Jabra website to assist internal sales staff in the promotion of the game.

On the back of a successful launch in northern Europe, we’ve worked with marketing teams to roll out and translate the game across additional European countries.

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