Virtual corporate events for businesses

Looking to engage with customers and prospects, or just say thanks to your employees and partners in a time where face-to-face just isn’t an option. We can help you deliver engaging, next-level virtual corporate events.


Virtual corporate
events for businesses


Creative, Content and
Video and Digital Build

Here at Prism we normally run, manage and build events on all different scales from production builds, content, video and experiential. However since the start of Covid in the early part of 2020 our landscape has changed dramatically. Our clients have asked us to help with the build of digital events, from video recordings, hosting round table sessions, post production work on numerous digital files. We’ve even been out recording senior execs for virtual production in various locations. The team have been involved in technically helping companies achieve their goals - organising parties, online training sessions, shipping gifts, food, and quizzes. It’s been fun and we look forward to more in 21!

  • Team socials and wellbeing
  • Company-wide parties and kick offs
  • Channel engagement and interactive SPIF days
  • Live streams
  • Customer workshops
  • Breakfast briefings (with breakfast delivered!)
  • Bespoke postal deliveries to accompany digital sessions
  • Video filming and post production
  • Management of distribution of gifts, food, prizes and more!

If you’re looking for a team to be part of yours, to help in such difficult times we are here to help. We can manage part or all of the projects you may have to get your teams, your customers and partners engaged and updated.

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