The Core of CMS.

The Core of CMS is a series of interactive eBooks that introduces indepth insight into the customer-focused world of modern eCommerce. The result? Better content engagement and improved awareness for new and existing customers on how Sitecore’s CMS can play an integral part of a content strategy.

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Interactive eBooks for Sitecore.


Interactive eBook with tracking analytics.

Improving reach and engagement with Sitecore’s CMO prospects through the delivery of interactive digital eBooks built on Prism Present.

In early 2019, Sitecore’s UK marketing team reached out to us to develop a series of eBooks with the goal of promoting the Sitecore CMS to their target audience, which is primarily CMO level. We responded by suggesting an “always on” series of interactive eBooks, using Prism’s proprietary content platform Prism Present.

By utilising Prism Present, our team was able to create a visually-rich, simple-to-navigate content experience that resonates with Sitecore’s key brand messages. And, because it’s fully trackable, Sitecore has access to rich user data and analytics that allow them to optimise their content and plan future campaigns.

The Core of CMS project is ongoing and to date we have delivered two eBooks across multiple languages aside UK English, as well as a variety of supporting promotional assets. We love working with the team at Sitecore and continue to help across a range of additional digital projects and events!

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