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Share The Love Campaign was created to provide an interactive online experience for Sitecore partners to interact with during the holiday season, Christmas 2020.

The idea behind the execution and build of the platform was to allow partners to contribute and play whilst earning tokens along the way. Once tokens were added up these would be allocated into money that Sitecore donated to 3 global charities.

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Share The Love


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Share The Love – Digital Partner Experience

As Sitecore remind us – that this year, 2020, has been one of profound change. Almost every aspect of our normal day-to-day has been different this year, and it’s been an extremely tough time for many. Yet, it’s also opened our eyes to new ways of doing things. Communities have come together in weird and wonderful ways, and we’ve learned how to truly appreciate and come to love many aspects of life indoors that we perhaps hadn’t considered in “the old normal”.

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to give a big thank you to our wonderful partner community and share the love by offering one last interactive digital experience (of which there have been many this year!) and donate to some of our favorite charities around the world.

Take part in our “day in the life” activities to earn up to 60 tokens that you can allocate to your preferred charity and end the year by exploring the lighter side of lockdowns, staycations, and community in 2020.

As the year was coming to an end and working with the global marketing team we had a couple of weeks to execute a new project brief, how we did it we’re still not sure but it was exciting and really engaging for everyone involved. Sitecore wanted to give a big THANKYOU to their Partner Community and share the love by offering one last interactive experience. Both Sitecore and the Prism team worked around the clock to deliver both from pushing creative boundaries and pulling all the content and gamification together. The platform was built to collate game play and allocate digital tokens so Sitecore could then donate to some of their local charities around the globe. The plaform was also translated in key areas in 3 other languages.

If you’re looking for ideas for 2021 and new ways to display and communicate your content then speak to our team. We think outside the box as they say and always hit the deadlines!

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Screens from Amadeus Travel Payments Academy EDM and Shares

Screens from Amadeus Travel Payments Academy EDM and Shares

Screens from Amadeus Travel Payments Academy EDM and Shares

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