Revenue Uplift




Interactive Digital
Platform build and
yearly refresh

The Revenue Uplift Calculator collates vast amounts of financial information from around the world before distilling it into clean, concise and consumable data that allows businesses to focus their payments efforts

The Revenue Uplift Sales Calculator was born over three years ago and is updated with new data every year. The project was masterminded by two senior members of the Worldpay team and has become an integral tool for engaging with new and existing customers. Today the tool is used across the world to help global eCommerce companies explore new and existing revenue opportunities in global markets.

The Worldpay Sales Calculator is fuelled by a vast amount of complex quantitative data. The data sets span 40 global markets and covers the integration and cross functionality of payment methods, revenue percentages by vendor, data cannibalisation percentages, future trends and revenue.

These data insights are all pulled together to create a complex yet dynamic tool.

Developing the Sales Calculator required a two-pronged approach: creation of an excellent user experience and the development of the interactive tool. Since the initial planning session, we’ve been tested and strained, had to interpret confusing information, celebrated the occasional light bulb moment and navigated the complex database before building it all together to create a product that really work. It’s one of those projects you love to hate, but ultimately love – and the outcome is one of the most fascinating tools we’ve delivered yet.