Developing go-to-market resources to engage and enable prospective and existing Zyxel partners.

Zyxel is a global networking vendor that specialises in networking equipment, software and licenses for small- to-medium sized and multi-site businesses. Zyxel approached Prism for assistance onboarding new partners onto their partner program, ZAP, as well as reengage with existing partners who were no longer actively selling.

Sector: IT Channel


IT Channel engagement and onboarding campaign


Persona profiling and targeted asset generation

Creating personalised user journeys with persona profiling and interactive content

Before any content was developed, Prism worked alongside key Zyxel pre-sales team members across Europe to conduct a range of interviews with current Zyxel partners. These detailed questionnaires provided enough qualitative information to understand common trends and traits, as well as where they spent time on social media, which sites they most frequently visited, and even which browsers they used the most. This information was then utilised to build a persona of the “ideal” Zyxel partner, from which targeted campaign assets and optimal marketing channels could be established.

The ZAP campaign was split into two tracks, each with its own target audience: the first audience was non-existing Zyxel partners, and the second was existing Zyxel partners already signed up to ZAP, but who weren’t engaged, or never were.

Each campaign revolved around a central asset – an interactive eBook built on Prism Present – that highlighted the ZAP opportunity in a clear, concise way. The eBooks also linked through to a range of supporting assets including infographics, datasheets, pricing matrices, brochures, 1-pagers and much more, as well as links to registration pages and the ZAP portal.

Each of these supporting assets was also developed and created by Prism Create, as well as social kits, email content, banners, and more, creating an always-on campaign with extended lifecycle, resulting in a greatly improved ROI.

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